Yesterday is Past

So I woke up and walked up to the window I opened it in a bid to let in some fresh air if anything I’m an heir

I should get somebady-qb-490182-unsplash


When I opened that window what came in as a breeze  made me think of tomorrow and it made me anxious

It made me think of how I could survive tomorrow with the mistakes of yesterday and my failing strength of today

I envisioned how  uncertain of the future I would be as I felt my inner strength fail like a building slowly succumbing to a tremors ,my heart sunk a titanic within ,as a panic attack hit me –deep within I mumbled ,”God help me “

I remembered how I had bad days and my journals had turned to vampire diaries as I wrote how they sucked life out of me


I remembered how I had crossed my life and hoped to die –die to my sins by being baptized into Christ’s death & resurrection and how my walking style had changed to that of “by faith” but now from nowhere lust & fear wanted to cripple this walk

You see my crushes make me walk in crutches coz of the way they make me stumble like an electricity line they make me trip and somehow I fell and broke………………..Yes !those were the days I was so broke I wish I could ask Steve for jobs coz in my throat I have a n apple but it’s still impossible

The big picture in my head was my head already ruined and I tried to fix everything to no avail

I recited some verses to get encouragement and it worked but only for a moment coz thoughts would stream in like YouTube videos most of them negative

I tried to focus but couldn’t

I retreated from the window and tried to rest but I was restless I made short passionate prayers but couldn’t get still and quiet

I, I, I tried all I could but it was all – I , could do, its results were evident

I was so entangled in yesterday that even when I looked at the calendar it couldn’t give me a date coz I looked complicated

I was so sick of yesterday I decided to break up with my past

I refused to be outdated living in yesterday when in real sense I’m in today that only  means I’m  expired if only I continued to live in yesterday

You see yesterday might have been tough but God saw me through , I had times I lost sleep trying to get lost in sleep , I tried to sleep through them but I couldn’t slip through them they pressed me yet God was there  He held me tight in his arms

Yesterday I was supposed to but I dint , I should have but still dint well guess what I won’t beat myself up I will live to fight today where I stumbled and fell yesterday wont spill to today  , the tough troubles of yesterday may be evident today but so is God and He doesn’t change

In light of the “yesterday” life, today I have learnt winning as a process

Overcoming all my struggles is a process that God is taking me through

I am Christ’s bride He is not giving up on me or you either but is still seeking to make me a better person each day so ill allow him to take me through the process as I lean on him


I have learnt to run with perseverance the race marked out for me for in this my faith will grow and my character developed as I hold on to the hope  I profess for it will be richly rewarded

I have learnt to learn from yesterday for a crisis is an opportunity to take valuable lessons

I’ve learnt to accept yesterday’s mistakes and give myself a margin to goof up and not to be hard on myself coz I’m only human

I have learn to live in the present for tomorrow should worry about itself I let God handle it

When I’m afraid I will trust you Lord

I have made up my mind to consider myself as one has not taken hold of it but one thing I do I forget what is behind press on towards what is ahead

 For today is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and if he calls I will be willing to say, “Present Lord”



Listen Up!

I’m talking to you my bro and siz

coz I wanna lay some emphasis on the Genesis of the Pharisees and Sadducees

claiming to be fly coz they on embassies

talking too much with false prophecies and

so much noise like fake m’ceez and its funny how they never cease

In high school my teacher gave me a grade full of red c’z but I met the God of Moses who parts Red-Seaz’ so I could say A-men!


Now the Holy Spirit is my teacher He calls me friend comforting me with rest like it’s a weekend

We trynna sell our faith but there are no buyers

coz most of the time we are based on a religious bias!

No matter how much they catch feelings Nobody can feel me coz only Christ can feel me. That’s why He will always fill me…with His Spirit do you feel me?

Or better still ask Dr. Phil, feelings are real but I don’t live by them

My faith puts feelings and facts in order to create pacts cemented by truth of the word …………#WORD! So I can live the word and speak what seems like empty words, go to the hospital and empty wards.

He said we shall lay hands on the sick in His name for His fame they will never be the same they will get well

So like a borehole it is well with my soul coz once I was a Saul he turned me to a Paul and is now sending me to the world to spread the gospel -the power of Salvation unto every nation.

An answer to every tough question, a revelation of the general revelation through the special revelation the Bible that produces a disciple who is not afraid of the rifle coz His eternal life is like a circle it never ends.

Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul rather be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell

Hate, hurt, heart that’s a hat trick, hats off

Anyway I hate to hurt God that’s why I want His heart so I can fulfill his desire with zeal and fire.

In everything do to others what you would have them do to you for this sums up the law and the prophets

the cloths and the closets

the money and the assets, they are all vanity if its what you live by they will all perish.



Don’t look at my short coz it’s a long story

its funny how I scratch your back you scratch my back but at the end of the day unaniback bite

so hata msiposnap bado nita snap-back coz I know He was wounded on the back and died on the bark of a tree cause at the back of his mind He had you

instead of minding Him you are minding your business yet for your sake he became like a customer coz he purchased your dirty business by his blood so you could get a new business permit acceptable to God that you may partake in the kingdom business as a son

A city on a hill cannot be hidden neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl in the same way let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven!

You may not be cunning like Red Reddington or like Elizabeth you are not keen

you may not have an IQ like Scorpion or have something suitable that suits you like suits

You may have failed to mark your territory so you’re looking for an empire and come back with a big bang

you may be Mary- Jane but not a virgin or have a crush on one person of Interest just remember

He took part in the Game of Thrones with a crown of thorns so that he could overthrow all thrones and be enthroned making God’s kingdom accessible to all men,

make 2 Broke Girls reach His untold wealth, raise the walking dead to life

So that they could stop being hit by arrows from the vigilante

since in the previous episode of your life there were series of attacks but this is a new season that makes you an agent of the shield of faith in Christ Jesus through who Be the glory to God Forever Amen!